MU coaches: Gabbert will start unless he can’t

October 22, 2009

By Craig Thomas

Blaine Gabbert

Blaine Gabbert

Jimmy Costello

Jimmy Costello

On Monday, the Missouri coaches addressed the playing condition of starting QB Blaine Gabbert, saying they hope he is fully recovered from his sprained right ankle. The injury happened in Missouri’s Oct. 8 game against Nebraska.

Coach Gary Pinkel talked little about backup Jimmy Costello, saying Gabbert is the starter as long as he is healthy:

I think anytime you put a backup quarterback in that has very little experience, we’re fortunate that we’ve not had to do that. I’m going to leave it there, OK?”

Offensive coordinator Dave Yost agreed Costello is very inexperienced, saying he would only go in if necessary:

“He’s done well in the limited time he’s gotten in a couple of those early games. He does well in practice and everything. I think he has a good understanding of that. And if anything happens to Blaine to where he can’t play, or he’s not our best option, we feel very confident Jimmy Costello could go in there.”


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