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Ressel named Big 12 Special Teamer of the Week

November 30, 2009

By Craig Thomas

Grant Ressel

Capping a weekend where Missouri kicker Grant Ressel made the most famous play of his athletic career, he was named the special teams player of the week in the Big 12 Conference.

Ressel was perfect once again Saturday, hitting four field goals including the game-winner as time ran out to give Mizzou a 41-39 win over Kansas.

The sophomore from Jackson, Mo. has missed only one field goal all year and has made all his extra points, despite coming to MU as a walk-on and earning the starting job just before the season began.


POSTGAME: Border Showdown

November 29, 2009

By Craig Thomas

You already know Missouri beat Kansas yesterday 41-39. Hopefully you got a chance to be there or watch the game on television. Here are some notes from the athletic department and elsewhere:

– Grant Ressel’s memorable field goal was MU’s first last-second field goal while down to win a game since 1972. The Tigers trailed by one until Ressel knocked it through with no time on the clock.

– Danario Alexander is the No. 1 statistical receiver in the country right now. He is averaging 137 yards receiving per game. As Robert points out in his story this morning, Alexander has broken all of Jeremy Maclin’s single-season records from last year.

– The 80 total points were the most scored since KU beat MU 53-29 in November 1991 in Lawrence.

– KU wore helmets with the Jayhawk logo on them for the first time since 1991. Meanwhile, one MU player said he liked the light feel of the Nike Pro Combat uniforms. Players will now keep that equipment for themselves.

KU fans sound off on Mangino. Of course, Sam talked to fans BEFORE the loss.

– Oklahoma State lost to OU yesterday, which probably didn’t help Missouri’s bowl outlook. The Cowboys will surely not be picked by a BCS bowl and would therefore slip into the regular Big 12 list.

– Props to the KC Star copy editor or whoever gave Mike DeArmond’s game story the title “Ressel Mania”. Good stuff.


Fourth quarter updates

November 28, 2009

MISSOURI 41, KANSAS 39: Sophomore Grant Ressel hits a field goal to win the game.

Missouri takes a knee and lets the clock run, but KU calls a timeout. It’ll be second down and seven with 0:44. He does it again and the clock will run. Missouri calls timeout with 0:04. It’ll be up to sophomore Grant Ressel to win it for Missouri.

Kansas calls a 30-second timeout. This game is approaching the four-hour mark. Nearly all fans are standing now.

Delirious Missouri fans celebrate a Derrick Washington run to the 5-yard line. There is a Kansas player down, so the clock stops at 0:51.

Missouri is at the 40, probably needing 20 more yards for a field goal try that’s reasonable.

Washington carries for a first down with less than two minutes left. Gabbert then throws the ball away and stops the clock at 1:33.

Gettis fields the punt and takes it to the Mizzou 48. Gabbert carries the ball across midfield. 2:27 and counting.

KANSAS 39, MISSOURI 38: All that’s missing is the sod. Safety as Reesing tries to run out of end zone. Echoes of 2007. Missouri will take over with 2:45 left. Coulter made the hit.

KU throws deep on first down incomplete. Good coverage by Kevin Rutland on Briscoe. Then Briscoe slips and the second-down pass goes through his hands.

On third and very short, Washington slips and its fourth and two. Time is running out on Mizzou. 2:59 to go as Missouri downs the ball within the 5 on the punt.

Alexander stretches to make a difficult catch over the middle. It’s third and one and Kansas fans are making a ton of noise now.

Wes Kemp takes the return to the 33-yard line. 5:04 to go.

KANSAS 39, MISSOURI 36: KU goes back in front with a 39-yard field goal by Jacob Brandstetter.

Finally, Missouri defense breaks through to put pressure on Reesing. Gachkar brings down Reesing as he throws incomplete. Intentional grounding, so KU will try a field goal to take the lead back.

Briscoe makes a catch down to the 17. Third and one. Lewis gets that and plenty more for first and goal. 6:00 minutes left.

Shifty running by Rell Lewis, a new threat out of the backfield, gets KU down to the Mizzou 26. That gets followed by an Aldon Smith sack.

With all day to throw once again, and Todd Reesing finds his favorite target Briscoe for a big gain on third down.

Mizzou will punt after gaining only two yards. 10:05 left. Ball takes a huge Missouri roll to the one-yard-line.

Danario Alexander: 211 yards. Dezmon Briscoe: 200 yards. Missouri takes over with 11:58 left.

MISSOURI 36, KANSAS 36: Dezmon Briscoe makes a great 74-yard catch downfield, then puts a filthy move on Jasper Simmons sending him to the turf. Two point conversion is good as Reesing finds Meier in the end zone.

MISSOURI 36, KANSAS 28: Has a nice ring to it, huh Missouri fans? Grant Ressel makes a 37-yard field goal.

Gabbert’s protection breaks down and he is sacked at the 19. Third and 17.

Danario Alexander had 181 receiving yards in the third quarter. That is not a misprint.

Be sure to check or grab a Missourian after the game to get all the postgame stories from Robert, Sam and me from the Border Showdown in Kansas City.


Third quarter updates

November 28, 2009

END OF THIRD QUARTER: Missouri 33-28. Tigers outscore Jayhawks 21-7 in that quarter.

Missouri has first down at the KU 22 approaching the 30-second mark. Great effort by Washington on the carry to get Mizzou to the 12.

Danario Alexander hauls in a 59-yard Gabbert bomb and pushes cornerback Anthony Davis aside.

Jake Sharp makes a tough catch over the middle but gets hit hard by Jasper Simmons well short of a first down. 2:15 to go.

Turnovers have really helped Missouri get back in the game. Another touchdown straight off a fumble recovery.

MISSOURI 33, KANSAS 28: Danario Alexander gets it over the middle, makes a move and then sprints to the end zone in front of delighted Missouri fans. 68 yards on the Tigers’ third TD of the quarter.

Crazy to see one side of the stadium jump up and then the other side freak out with excitement. Big Kansas gain is followed by a fumble recovered by Gettis. First down Mizzou.

KU takes it at the 40-yard line with 5:45 to go.┬áToday’s attendance: 70,072 at Arrowhead Stadium.

KANSAS 28, MISSOURI 26: Jerrell Jackson pushes De’Vion Moore into a defender and ran down the sideline for a long touchdown run. Ressel’s extra point is good.

Nice carry for Derrick Washington for a big gain across midfield to the Kansas 38. 21 yards for Washington, that’s more than he had in the first half.

KANSAS 28, MISSOURI 19: The penalty is disastrous. Reesing finds Kerry Meier on third down and the Jayhawks stretch the lead to nine. We’re midway through the 3rd quarter.

Kansas field goal is good, but Sean Weatherspoon commits a personal foul and that means a first down for KU. Field goal is taken off. Weatherspoon hit the center too early.

Another great play by Kip Edwards, who has come up big today with several deflections and a pick.

Jonathan Wilson drops his second pass of the drive and KU faces third and long at Missouri’s 12.

Line judge had a perfect viewpoint for Simmons’ facemask penalty.

KANSAS 21, MISSOURI 19: Derrick Washington puts two good runs together and scores. Great offensive start for the Tigers on this opening drive. Two point conversion fails as Gabbert gets hit.

There’s our first “Wow Danario is good” moment of the day. He makes a 29-yard catch out of a simple short pass.

Missouri will receive and Jasper Simmons carries the kick to the 35.


Halftime notes

November 28, 2009

By Craig Thomas

SCORE: Kansas 21, Missouri 13

Courtesy: The Helmet Project

Kansas is wearing this helmet for the first time since 1991. Anything you can do … mentality?

Kansas’ offense has been unbalanced but successful. QB Todd Reesing has completed 24 of his 32 passes. The Jayhawks have rushed just six times.

Blaine Gabbert has accounted for almost all of Missouri’s ground game. He has nine carries for 92 yards. Derrick Washington has 16 yards on seven carries and Danario Alexander has rushed once.

Gabbert fumbled as he threw for Missouri’s only turnover. Kansas’ Dezmon Briscoe fumbled after a catch leading to a Mizzou touchdown, and Reesing threw an interception.


Second quarter updates

November 28, 2009

Kansas takes a knee and we go to halftime. KANSAS 21-13

28 seconds to go. More action for the young Rolandis Woodland today, but he can’t haul in Gabbert’s deep throw. This time, the turnover didn’t cost KU as much, though it did of course end a drive.

Despite all the time he could want, Reesing throws a horrible pass picked off by Kip Edwards.

Stuckey runs to the Kansas 49. He must have stepped out because he ran much farther without bein ghit.

KANSAS 21, MISSOURI 13: Ressel delivers from 28 yards out, and Missouri cuts the lead to eight. Gabbert’s run was the difference.

Gabbert gets it done again on the ground with a 40-yard gain to the KU 11. But his pass to Danario Alexander is too high on 3rd down, and Missouri must try a field goal.

Missouri hasn’t been able to take advantage of the deep passes so far today. Gabbert is 12 of 21 so far.

The Tigers have 2:57 to work with. A touchdown would be huge, but even a field goal would be a lot better than nothing.

KANSAS 21, MISSOURI 10: Again too much time for Reesing on the drive, and Kerry Meier is wide open in the back corner of the end zone.

There’s the Dezmon Briscoe we’re used to seeing. He makes a catch over the middle and jukes Robert Steeples for a big gain inside the 10.

A short return by Stuckey gives KU possession at the 32 with 5:45 to go in the half.

The offense has struggled, but a big turnover leads MU to six points. Chant of MIZ – ZOU rings throughout Arrowhead. The defense, meanwhile, must get more pressure on Reesing to stop drives.

KANSAS 14, MISSOURI 10: Derrick Washington takes the handoff, makes a nice cut, and scores.

– Briscoe fumbles, and Missouri takes over. Carl Gettis recovers and Mizzou takes over in great field position. This would be a huge break if Missouri could convert.┬áBad hands by Briscoe have hurt KU twice now.

– Anyone else curious why Mizzou keeps throwing to the sidelines?

– Missouri defense stopping the short plays and runs better than passes downfield. A surprising drop by Dezmon Briscoe gives Missouri the ball. He might be the most sure-handed player outside of maybe Alexander.

– Meier appeared to drop the ball as he was catching it. Was he down? Apparently so, and KU avoids a costly turnover.

– Missouri crowd looks stunned on the jumbotron.

– Gabbert hasn’t had the protection Reesing has gotten, and it shows with a Gabbert fumble in the pocket. Kansas takes over at the 26 yard line.

– When in doubt, Tigers go to Danario. First down Mizzou.

– Pass interference keeps Mizzou’s drive alive, but the offense hasn’t gotten much going here.

– On first down, Gabbert keeps for at least the third time today.

– Kansas has 192 yards of offense (162 passing), Missouri has 126 (58 passing).


GAMETIME: First quarter updates

November 28, 2009

END OF FIRST QUARTER: Two completions get Missouri out of bad field position following penalty as the quarter ends.

KANSAS 14, MISSOURI 3: Reesing plunges in to make it official. Missouri defense has gotten too little pressure on him in the backfield.

Long pass play gets Kansas near the goal line. Originally called a TD, it will be placed at the one.

KANSAS: 17 passes, 3 rushes

Sean Weatherspoon cheers Kansas’ decision to call timeout. They have just one left.

Jarrell Harrison decks Jake Sharp out of bounds, but not before another big run after the catch. Missouri defending this play poorly.

Missouri kicks it short again and KU takes over at own 30. 3:47 left in the first quarter.

KANSAS 7, MISSOURI 3: Grant Ressel converts, and the Tigers get points this time.

Gabbert to Jackson doesn’t go on the home run ball. And Mizzou will kick a 43-yard field goal.

Nice running by Blaine Gabbert. A world of difference from his ability a few weeks ago. Tigers are in Jayhawk territory.

KANSAS 7, MISSOURI 0: Dezmon Briscoe was wide open over the middle, and Kansas fans wave the wheat.

– I’m surprised officials didn’t call a penalty on Reesing for his celebration. That looked like a taunt.

– Kansas passing all over Missouri D right now. Down inside the 30.

– Reesing gets protection and gets KU out of trouble on 3 and 11 from the one. First down.

– A promising Missouri drive stalls and Jake Harry will punt. 10 mins. to go in 1st quarter. Kansas will take over at its own 2-yard line after good Mizzou coverage.

– Derrick Washington has lined up as a wideout twice on this drive.

– Kip Edwards knocks down a deep Kansas pass on third down to force a punt. Big play by the MU secondary.

– Carl Gettis makes a hit and claps in front of the KU bench.

– Two passes to Kerry Meier get KU a first down.

All the lower-level fans are standing on this opening drive.


– Kansas takes the field havingbeaten Missouri last year. They are 5-6 this season and would become bowl-eligible with a win today.

– The Tigers (7-4) take the field at Arrowhead for the fourth time in three years. They are 1-2 in those games.

– Missouri’s captains enter first. The lower level of the stadium is pretty much packed. Most of the empty seats are in the upper corners of the stadium.

– Pregame introductions are finished, and Arrowhead has come alive as fans await each team’s entrance.