GAME TRACK: Mizzou v. Iowa State

November 21, 2009

Bad false start penalty turns 3rd and one into 3rd and six. Gabbert keeps on a fake handoff and gets drilled, and the MU possession fails. 12:39 to go.

Freshman Rolandis Woodland is getting some time at wide receiver.

Iowa State FAKES a field goal, but Missouri makes a stop at about the 35. Will Ebner made the tackle, and Missouri takes over. Idea was good, execution was poor.

Missouri outrushed Iowa State 66-21 yds in first quarter, but Cyclones passed for 20 more yards (75-55).

End of first quarter: Missouri leads it 10-7, but a nice kick return has put Iowa State in good field position past midfield.

MISSOURI 10, IOWA STATE 7: Tigers settle for a 20-yard field goal by Grant Ressel with just over a minute left in first quarter.

Washington fumbles but Mizzou recovers just short of the ten yard line. After that, Mizzou again converts on 3rd and one.

A rare drop by Alexander on a simple pass could’ve easily been picked. It fell harmlessly to the field. A penalty follows later, sending Mizzou to ISU 20.

Danario Alexander has 1266 receiving yards for 2009. Most in Missouri history, breaking Maclin’s record of 1260 set last year.

Gabbert scrambles for a first down after throwing a first down pass to Alexander. Good start for Mizzou with 6:35 left in first quarter.

MISSOURI 7, IOWA STATE 7: Cyclones methodically moved down the field. RB Alexander Robinson threw the lofty pass for about 10 yards.

On third down, Arnaud scrambles and gets away a pretty pass to midfield for a first down.

MISSOURI 7, IOWA STATE 0: Extra point is good from Grant Ressel. Review took about 30 seconds. 9:31 left in the first quarter.

I can’t remember the last Mizzou touchdown that wasn’t reviewed, going back to last week. Kind of annoying.

MISSOURI 6, IOWA STATE 0: Derrick Washington gets a nice run plus a facemask penalty, then plunges in from the 4. It will be REVIEWED.

– First down for Derrick Washington out of “wildcat” formation. Then another first down on a completion to Danario Alexander takes Mizzou to ISU 25.

– Kevin Rutland picks off Arnaud on one-on-one coverage down sideline. Tigers take over at the 45.

– ISU takes over at own 32. Austen Arnaud, meet Sean Weatherspoon for a big 2nd down thud.

– Egnew catch gets Mizzou a first down, but two drops and a big loss hurt and Missouri will punt.

– Missouri won the toss and will start the game on offense.

– Pretty nice crowd here for Iowa State, definitely a couple hundred fans in the corner plus several scattered throughout the stadium. I’m impressed.

– Really too bad there are this many open seats for Senior Day, but students are out of class and many of our peers went home for the week off already. Rest of the crowd has filled in better.

– Weather is 57 degrees, and it’s overcast. Senior Day festivities are beginning, so the rest of the team is lining up to form a tunnel for each to run through.


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