Countdown hour at Arrowhead

November 28, 2009

– There’s a great midfield logo of a shield with the two traditional helmets clashing. Comically, neither helmet is being worn today.

– Robert saw Kansas DB Chris Harris having a chat with Missouri WR Danario Alexander. I wonder what was said…

– The Kansas helmets are special today, too. Instead of the traditional “KU” symbol, they feature the Jayhawk. No one wants to be outdone in this rivalry.

– Missouri’s fans are along the north side of the stadium behind Missouri’s bench. The dividing lines for the fans are behind the field goal posts.

– 45 minutes until kickoff, and both teams are now on the field. A round of boos greeted Missouri’s entrance, but both schools have plenty of fans filing in.

– First Mizzou players to take the field head out at 1:36 p.m. The sun puts a glare on the new helmets despite their color and lack of gloss.

– The weather honestly couldn’t be much different than it was last year. It’s sunny and warm on this November 28. It looks and feels more like October 28. Last year’s game came with light snow and rain.

– Kansas is wearing its NY Giants-style uniform – a red jersey with blue pants. Missouri is not yet on the field just over an hour before kickoff. The Tigers will wear their

– Let the blogging begin from Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City!


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