Fourth quarter updates

November 28, 2009

MISSOURI 41, KANSAS 39: Sophomore Grant Ressel hits a field goal to win the game.

Missouri takes a knee and lets the clock run, but KU calls a timeout. It’ll be second down and seven with 0:44. He does it again and the clock will run. Missouri calls timeout with 0:04. It’ll be up to sophomore Grant Ressel to win it for Missouri.

Kansas calls a 30-second timeout. This game is approaching the four-hour mark. Nearly all fans are standing now.

Delirious Missouri fans celebrate a Derrick Washington run to the 5-yard line. There is a Kansas player down, so the clock stops at 0:51.

Missouri is at the 40, probably needing 20 more yards for a field goal try that’s reasonable.

Washington carries for a first down with less than two minutes left. Gabbert then throws the ball away and stops the clock at 1:33.

Gettis fields the punt and takes it to the Mizzou 48. Gabbert carries the ball across midfield. 2:27 and counting.

KANSAS 39, MISSOURI 38: All that’s missing is the sod. Safety as Reesing tries to run out of end zone. Echoes of 2007. Missouri will take over with 2:45 left. Coulter made the hit.

KU throws deep on first down incomplete. Good coverage by Kevin Rutland on Briscoe. Then Briscoe slips and the second-down pass goes through his hands.

On third and very short, Washington slips and its fourth and two. Time is running out on Mizzou. 2:59 to go as Missouri downs the ball within the 5 on the punt.

Alexander stretches to make a difficult catch over the middle. It’s third and one and Kansas fans are making a ton of noise now.

Wes Kemp takes the return to the 33-yard line. 5:04 to go.

KANSAS 39, MISSOURI 36: KU goes back in front with a 39-yard field goal by Jacob Brandstetter.

Finally, Missouri defense breaks through to put pressure on Reesing. Gachkar brings down Reesing as he throws incomplete. Intentional grounding, so KU will try a field goal to take the lead back.

Briscoe makes a catch down to the 17. Third and one. Lewis gets that and plenty more for first and goal. 6:00 minutes left.

Shifty running by Rell Lewis, a new threat out of the backfield, gets KU down to the Mizzou 26. That gets followed by an Aldon Smith sack.

With all day to throw once again, and Todd Reesing finds his favorite target Briscoe for a big gain on third down.

Mizzou will punt after gaining only two yards. 10:05 left. Ball takes a huge Missouri roll to the one-yard-line.

Danario Alexander: 211 yards. Dezmon Briscoe: 200 yards. Missouri takes over with 11:58 left.

MISSOURI 36, KANSAS 36: Dezmon Briscoe makes a great 74-yard catch downfield, then puts a filthy move on Jasper Simmons sending him to the turf. Two point conversion is good as Reesing finds Meier in the end zone.

MISSOURI 36, KANSAS 28: Has a nice ring to it, huh Missouri fans? Grant Ressel makes a 37-yard field goal.

Gabbert’s protection breaks down and he is sacked at the 19. Third and 17.

Danario Alexander had 181 receiving yards in the third quarter. That is not a misprint.

Be sure to check ColumbiaMissourian.com or grab a Missourian after the game to get all the postgame stories from Robert, Sam and me from the Border Showdown in Kansas City.


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