Second quarter updates

November 28, 2009

Kansas takes a knee and we go to halftime. KANSAS 21-13

28 seconds to go. More action for the young Rolandis Woodland today, but he can’t haul in Gabbert’s deep throw. This time, the turnover didn’t cost KU as much, though it did of course end a drive.

Despite all the time he could want, Reesing throws a horrible pass picked off by Kip Edwards.

Stuckey runs to the Kansas 49. He must have stepped out because he ran much farther without bein ghit.

KANSAS 21, MISSOURI 13: Ressel delivers from 28 yards out, and Missouri cuts the lead to eight. Gabbert’s run was the difference.

Gabbert gets it done again on the ground with a 40-yard gain to the KU 11. But his pass to Danario Alexander is too high on 3rd down, and Missouri must try a field goal.

Missouri hasn’t been able to take advantage of the deep passes so far today. Gabbert is 12 of 21 so far.

The Tigers have 2:57 to work with. A touchdown would be huge, but even a field goal would be a lot better than nothing.

KANSAS 21, MISSOURI 10: Again too much time for Reesing on the drive, and Kerry Meier is wide open in the back corner of the end zone.

There’s the Dezmon Briscoe we’re used to seeing. He makes a catch over the middle and jukes Robert Steeples for a big gain inside the 10.

A short return by Stuckey gives KU possession at the 32 with 5:45 to go in the half.

The offense has struggled, but a big turnover leads MU to six points. Chant of MIZ – ZOU rings throughout Arrowhead. The defense, meanwhile, must get more pressure on Reesing to stop drives.

KANSAS 14, MISSOURI 10: Derrick Washington takes the handoff, makes a nice cut, and scores.

– Briscoe fumbles, and Missouri takes over. Carl Gettis recovers and Mizzou takes over in great field position. This would be a huge break if Missouri could convert. Bad hands by Briscoe have hurt KU twice now.

– Anyone else curious why Mizzou keeps throwing to the sidelines?

– Missouri defense stopping the short plays and runs better than passes downfield. A surprising drop by Dezmon Briscoe gives Missouri the ball. He might be the most sure-handed player outside of maybe Alexander.

– Meier appeared to drop the ball as he was catching it. Was he down? Apparently so, and KU avoids a costly turnover.

– Missouri crowd looks stunned on the jumbotron.

– Gabbert hasn’t had the protection Reesing has gotten, and it shows with a Gabbert fumble in the pocket. Kansas takes over at the 26 yard line.

– When in doubt, Tigers go to Danario. First down Mizzou.

– Pass interference keeps Mizzou’s drive alive, but the offense hasn’t gotten much going here.

– On first down, Gabbert keeps for at least the third time today.

– Kansas has 192 yards of offense (162 passing), Missouri has 126 (58 passing).


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