Third quarter updates

November 28, 2009

END OF THIRD QUARTER: Missouri 33-28. Tigers outscore Jayhawks 21-7 in that quarter.

Missouri has first down at the KU 22 approaching the 30-second mark. Great effort by Washington on the carry to get Mizzou to the 12.

Danario Alexander hauls in a 59-yard Gabbert bomb and pushes cornerback Anthony Davis aside.

Jake Sharp makes a tough catch over the middle but gets hit hard by Jasper Simmons well short of a first down. 2:15 to go.

Turnovers have really helped Missouri get back in the game. Another touchdown straight off a fumble recovery.

MISSOURI 33, KANSAS 28: Danario Alexander gets it over the middle, makes a move and then sprints to the end zone in front of delighted Missouri fans. 68 yards on the Tigers’ third TD of the quarter.

Crazy to see one side of the stadium jump up and then the other side freak out with excitement. Big Kansas gain is followed by a fumble recovered by Gettis. First down Mizzou.

KU takes it at the 40-yard line with 5:45 to go. Today’s attendance: 70,072 at Arrowhead Stadium.

KANSAS 28, MISSOURI 26: Jerrell Jackson pushes De’Vion Moore into a defender and ran down the sideline for a long touchdown run. Ressel’s extra point is good.

Nice carry for Derrick Washington for a big gain across midfield to the Kansas 38. 21 yards for Washington, that’s more than he had in the first half.

KANSAS 28, MISSOURI 19: The penalty is disastrous. Reesing finds Kerry Meier on third down and the Jayhawks stretch the lead to nine. We’re midway through the 3rd quarter.

Kansas field goal is good, but Sean Weatherspoon commits a personal foul and that means a first down for KU. Field goal is taken off. Weatherspoon hit the center too early.

Another great play by Kip Edwards, who has come up big today with several deflections and a pick.

Jonathan Wilson drops his second pass of the drive and KU faces third and long at Missouri’s 12.

Line judge had a perfect viewpoint for Simmons’ facemask penalty.

KANSAS 21, MISSOURI 19: Derrick Washington puts two good runs together and scores. Great offensive start for the Tigers on this opening drive. Two point conversion fails as Gabbert gets hit.

There’s our first “Wow Danario is good” moment of the day. He makes a 29-yard catch out of a simple short pass.

Missouri will receive and Jasper Simmons carries the kick to the 35.


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