POSTGAME: Border Showdown

November 29, 2009

By Craig Thomas

You already know Missouri beat Kansas yesterday 41-39. Hopefully you got a chance to be there or watch the game on television. Here are some notes from the athletic department and elsewhere:

– Grant Ressel’s memorable field goal was MU’s first last-second field goal while down to win a game since 1972. The Tigers trailed by one until Ressel knocked it through with no time on the clock.

– Danario Alexander is the No. 1 statistical receiver in the country right now. He is averaging 137 yards receiving per game. As Robert points out in his story this morning, Alexander has broken all of Jeremy Maclin’s single-season records from last year.

– The 80 total points were the most scored since KU beat MU 53-29 in November 1991 in Lawrence.

– KU wore helmets with the Jayhawk logo on them for the first time since 1991. Meanwhile, one MU player said he liked the light feel of the Nike Pro Combat uniforms. Players will now keep that equipment for themselves.

KU fans sound off on Mangino. Of course, Sam talked to fans BEFORE the loss.

– Oklahoma State lost to OU yesterday, which probably didn’t help Missouri’s bowl outlook. The Cowboys will surely not be picked by a BCS bowl and would therefore slip into the regular Big 12 list.

– Props to the KC Star copy editor or whoever gave Mike DeArmond’s game story the title “Ressel Mania”. Good stuff.


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