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PINKEL: Navy QB Dobbs tough to stop

December 28, 2009

By Craig Thomas

Coach Gary Pinkel addressed some of the things on his mind as he prepares the Tigers to play Navy in three days.

CONTAINING NAVY QB RICKY DOBBS: “You do the best you can. We put a couple of our best athletes at quarterback to simulate. He’s a great player. He makes that whole offense go. I don’t know if you can simulate it, percentage-wise, significant enough to get as good a look as you need.

“It’s an offense that you don’t see hardly ever, and it scares you.”

MU SECONDARY MUST STAY AWAKE DESPITE FEW PASS ATTEMPTS: “Well he’s a great thrower and they’ve had a lot of big plays. Thats the problem with the offense. That’s what they do (rushing) and that’s what they’re good at. As soon as you load up on the run they back off the line of scrimmage and hit big (passing) plays. That’s the great challenge that we have.”

JARED PERRY CAN PLAY: “He looked good today. Medical staff has released him. Now can he function? Once that happens, Can he play full speed? – Which he looked like he did well today. I was very happy for him. Looking at him today, he’ll play. How much he’ll play, he hasn’t practiced for a month. He has a lot of experience, hopefully he can use that experience to be ready to help us.”

Dobbs led the Midshipmen to a near-upset of Big Ten champ Ohio State in the season opener. SOURCE:

THE “FUTURE BOWL”: “It’s our last pads practice and we let the players that redshirted and the walk-ons scrimmage at the end, we call it the Future Bowl. So players had a good time.”


QB breaks record as Tigers’ bowl foe Navy beats Army, 17-3

December 13, 2009

By Craig Thomas

QB Ricky Dobbs has carried Navy to a berth in the Texas Bowl against Missouri.

Missouri fans got their last chance Saturday to get a preview of the Tigers’ bowl opponent, Navy. In Philadelphia, the Midshipmen (9-4) beat the Army Black Knights 17-3, their eighth straight win in that rivalry.

Navy QB Ricky Dobbs proved his running ability once again, as his one-yard run in the fourth quarter helped put the game out of Army’s reach. That score gave him 29 rushing TDs for the year, the most by a quarterback in NCAA history. It broke the record set by Florida’s Tim Tebow two years ago.

Dobbs had 113 yards rushing on 33 carries.

True to Navy’s typical form, the Midshipmen passed only seven times. One of Dobbs’ three completions went for a third-quarter touchdown. This of course would suggest a markedly different defensive assignment to what the Tigers (8-4) are used to facing.

Navy now has just under three weeks to prepare for Missouri. The Midshipmen and Tigers meet in the Texas Bowl on New Year’s Eve (2:30 p.m.) in Houston.